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Please complete the form below to request to freeze your membership.

**Reminder** max freeze is 3 months.

I fully understand and agree to the following:


Membership-hold requests MUST BE SUBMITTED A MINIMUM OF 10 DAYS PRIOR to my monthly autopay-due date (see your original agreement).


Membership may be placed on hold for three (3) months maximum, and will incur a monthly fee of $10 per month to keep your account in good standing and to guarantee your card on file remains effective.


I understand that I owe and will be charged, per my agreement, on the subsequent autopay after my hold-request ends.


I understand I may hold an agreement only one time per calendar year from my join date.


I understand that I am responsible for my own account and membership, and it is not the responsibility of the club to notify me when my membership-hold ends, and my membership dues return to the original agreement due dates.

Submission successful. We may reach out to you to verify.
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